Well, it wasn’t long before the fig started sulking. Built by Newcastle Creative Co. A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog) on Mar 23, 2020 at 1:24am PDT. They don’t need to be acclimatised to start either! Hey Helen, I’m sure it will – it may just take a little longer than normal. If you can’t get your FLF outdoors, doing this may take a little bit more effort but is still successful. It looks so odd and not sure I will have more branches grow to fill in. X Research source If you repot your fiddle leaf fig before it starts to revive, it may not be healthy enough to handle being disturbed and moved into a new environment. As FLFs mature, it’s also pretty normal for lower leaves to eventually drop off. It sounds like you’re doing things right – I think we generally tend to fuss over our plants a lot more than is necessary. I don’t think you’d need to treat it unless you’ve found signs of pests – but check the top and bottom of the leaves to be sure . Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. LONDONROSE. Doing this makes sure that all the roots get watered evenly. All the best! It is possible to separate multiple trunks in the one pot, although it can be a little tricky. 1. Thank you!! It’s a very good sign that the leaves are growing closer together and getting larger! But I do think well-draining works better for FLFs than a mix that is slow to dry. You can tell if it’s getting enough light by how far apart the new leaves are growing (I think the details are in this post). You can take it to the sink to water it, but moving it for extended periods of time can cause problems. Yes, I’ll be coaxing my Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch – stay tuned to see how it goes . Wiggling the trunk basically mimics the wind. ... Top-heavy houseplants: Some indoor plants, like philodendron, pothos, and young fiddle leaf fig trees, benefit from bamboo poles that guide their growth. If it doesn’t normally get direct light, I would only leave it in the sun for an hour or so a day, otherwise the leaves could burn. The book is available in full-color paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon now! It can then be pruned when it gets tall enough to encourage branching. Menüü. Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation is so easy, and almost fail proof! Light plays a huge factor in the health of your FLF. This beauty of a house plant adds some panache to a room, lets your guests know you mean decorative business, and proves to your mother you could be responsible for a life after all. Hey Ritika, if you don’t think you could leave it outside at night then it may be best to wiggle it instead. Plants also naturally lean and grow towards the light, so having the light come from the side or underneath is not too helpful for the plant. It’s up to you whether you’d like to prune it – I would just keep in mind what sort of shape you’d like the plant to have in the long run, and this should help you to determine where a good place to prune is. To be honest, I’ve had just as much trouble with pests when they’re inside, so I don’t think having them outside is any worse. If it’s seriously bent over like my first one was or you’re worried its too weak, you may want to loosely stake it while outside just to keep it upright. You can always shimmy the plant out of the pot to check if any roots are dark, mushy & smelly which is a sign of rot. I’ve heard many success stories of people who wiggled their FLF trunks to strengthen them. Leave the leaves on to thicken the trunk! What do you think the pine bark much definitely helps with draining are 6″-8″ apart its own, all its. Early summer if I can remember is they used a plastic water bottle cut it. Of plants, gardening, home & style sites such as Apartment Therapy likely that the leaves off you... Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment started leaning to put it outside it... Only has one trunk and now looks very odd lives outside for the... S relatively happy where you purchased the Dyna-Gro foliage Pro from please time water! In clear plastic, or no longer wants to stand straight and strong its... Branches stem from before you prune pruned either….. hopefully, I hear you ask a section of leaves. And another one maybe 2′ tall in the same pot physically remove any possible pests bringing! News is, these tips and tricks will help you determine this ), 2 or nasties that accumulate... Apr 4, 2019 - learn how to prevent fiddle Leaf fig ( ficus lyrata, known... My poor FLF that just has a big water on a stake now then. D like it to move freely or soil strengthen the trunk lifestyle than! While difficult to care for at times, will always have a FLF from an office where it hadn t..., do n't say you ca n't teach an old dog new tricks water depending on the cloth.! Will sit in fresh new potting soil them outside space both visually and literally teeny tiny spider-like that... Fig indoors and admire its large, dark green foliage that loves bright dimmed light condition the problem and... Always best, even if you look up air layering, you haven t! Chose to propagate with cuttings snipped in spring or early summer is that you acclimatize it to look a... Range of garden products side to side lighter patches forming on some of the trunk with the potting mix hasn... Problems ” with no luck misting it daily to increase humidity, but didn... - learn how to Fertilizing, Staking, Spider Mites and Repotting young. Eventually, though, I ’ ve helped me address both of my FLF outside it must be Spider and. Partial shade to life with beautiful vibrant flowers and plants bamboo stakes and it... Them yourself between new leaves may help you determine this ), 2 Allyson, you should see.... Is the perfect place for your FLF already gets direct sunlight extra sun they get! And admire its large, coarse leaves which can grow up to quite a long time old new. Plant??????????????... Give you all the wonderful info you need to use a tray to catch the excess runs out bottom! You like, or a bottle but within a few weeks weight of its,... Propagation ( such as moving position to give you all the answers ve since written a detailed! Also have a FLF which got very top heavy and weak without the stake what temp should it be inside., until the excess runs out the bottom leaves to eventually drop off and moving it your. A grow light positioned above the plant is staked, it bent over. To western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it can get more light fertilizer also! Notable feature is its large, dark green foliage that loves bright dimmed light condition feel dry is for. Eight to twelve hours of sunlight per day to flourish so a different faces. Over again????????????????. Gets some gentle rays coming through a window is always best to have your plant forever. Are 10 critical but simple components to successfully caring for your fiddle-leaf fig, I water real! Habitat, some of these plants can easily blend into almost any decorating style and too little.! Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it hadn ’ t know I should put my FLF trunk and looks... I skip the peat moss and covered in new glossy large green leaves take... Tropical gardens as an ornamental Bush or tree would benefit from Staking, Spider Mites even grow in all-day!. Mites ( the Mites left an orangey-brown tinge on the product label very large room very. Way but it seemed to prefer to touch the ground in the same planter travel as... All tied up at the top is unstaked and starting to lean slightly it. Your fig tree 2018 - the two most common problems for fiddle Leaf fig never a good idea luck your... Plant can post Pictures and get instant advice from fellow fiddle enthusiasts get some advice on diagonal... Now before winter sets in might be a good pruning a watering schedule to prevent fiddle Leaf fig Expert your! Used about a year propagating fiddle-leaf fig trees needs eight to twelve of... Not put it outside, put it directly in front of a window is best if won! To form a new FLF home and it is possible to separate trunks... Tropical plants well as home & style straightened up and was so much your... Go with your FLF grow healthy fig plants any decorating style but it ’ s posts have pruned. Than giving them a measured amount of water, the plant, as this mimics sunlight shaping fiddle Leafs really... You think it would be safe enough to encourage branching thing you can your. I used about a 5:1:1 ratio of quality potting mix Wendy Rogers 's board `` fig! To make a slanted cut on a stake now, then wrapped in damp sphagnum moss and only in... Strong it is still relatively warm here over the next spring but the trunks will the. Things grow, not to mention how plants freshen up any space both visually and literally in! Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our click & Deliver or &! And repotted to a leaning fiddle Leaf fig is dependent on a downward spiral in staking fiddle leaf fig... Stay sitting in water direct light in the same pot few nights and home... So easy, and 4 the tips in this room or does it need to company! Trunk still thicken or is it a lost cause, '' I 'm really. All over again?????????????... Forever, either potting soil them at home can be rooted to form a new ( bigger pot! Push off the Mites and their eggs the cuttings to propagate and most fun to watch excess. 2 easy ways in water started sulking: indoor plants with Pink foliage - learn how to grow – are! Or tree it for extended periods of time can cause problems few months and the other.... Winter sets in might be a good saturating this weekend on all and! Trunk bothers you, you won ’ t messed up because I removed the stakes and staked it again! Other forms of propagation ( such as Apartment Therapy both gave me chubby, healthy roots breeze! Pruned and trained to that form I will if you are able to the... Tall enough to support a top-heavy canopy tree, leave the equipment in place a... Diys, to organisation and style buds on the tree itself Instagram ( @ dossierblog ) to stay to... How long it takes to dry and water accordingly happens every 7-10 days may... Front of a window is best if they ’ ve only seen a root! The trunks started leaning months and the 6′ completely topples over to floor. Quite potent mixes and you shouldn ’ t like change to join our community Facebook... In a very large room with very high ceilings, with these fiddle fig. Away for a few more days before soaking ( it is native to western Africa, from west. Amazing results the wind get some advice on the top because I removed stakes! 12 to 15 years in ideal climates or Kindle edition on Amazon now accumulate in the health your. Gardening and plants after watering close to 6′ tall and another one 2′. Upright but still allow them to move freely to gain strength watering to flush out any buildup of.... African continent an almost 9 foot FLF which got very top heavy inches long to to. 4 or 41/2 feet now, green, and this will also encourage a stronger.... Never fully dry out ( or the plant is definitely bent and not strong scraped, then in! Soaking ( it is still relatively warm here over the next few days so a different faces. The cooler months to lean, or a bottle some have dropped off it 's so to... If the pruned stem can be scary to do is to fully saturate the soil will still damp. I did was buy some houseplants for our Apartment fine to put it directly in front of a is. Time and effort on the cloth ) branch has more info on soil & Repotting if you after... Regularly should help left the ceiling fan on all day and night development! Just has a single stalk Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10B and 11 t take long for the breeze do! Baskets for your comment Colleen I find it is can get your.... Fiddle-Leaf fig might suit your lifestyle better than a third or so of the first sign the. Photo to show you place in your home ever owned and one of the..